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Product Development

At John Vena Inc. Specialty Produce I supported a new initiative to develop a small assortment of packaged products focused on the retail segment. These items were designed to be generic, but modern and attractive.

Responsibilities: Design, Product Management

Global Flavor from JVI Services

Fresh Turmeric Root 4oz

JVI Services-Turmeric Root-JPG.jpg

Fresh Thai Chiles 1.75oz

Red Thai Chile-6x1.75 oz-Dominican Republic-JVI Services-2024.3.JPG
Green Thai Chile-6x1.75 oz-Dominican Republic-JVI Services-2024.3-2.JPG

Forest to Table from JVI Services

Chanterelle Mushroom 4oz

JVI Services' Forest to Table Line-2024.jpg
Chanterelle-6x4 OZ-West Coast-2023.10-9-mockup label.jpg

Fiddlehead Ferns 6oz

5-small label-Fiddlehead Fern-6x6 OZ-West Coast Wild-2024.2-5.jpg

Morel Mushrooms 4oz

Morel-6x4 oz-USA-JVI Services-2024_edited.jpg
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