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Print Design & Copywriting

At John Vena Inc. Specialty Produce I was the in-house resource for internal and external print design and copywriting, including ghostwriting for the President. I created and distributed hundreds of pieces of collateral for both print and digital use to support our strategic marketing and employee engagement efforts. Pieces have included booklets, newsletters, flyers, spec sheets, presentations, admin documents, and more. I also oversaw the firm's print and digital advertising strategy.

Responsibilities: Print Marketing Strategy, Copywriting & Editing, Design, Collateral Management, Collateral Distribution

Commodity Guides

To promote programs and encourage sales of multiple SKUs across a category, I created Commodity Guides that featured all available varieties in a particular commodity group. Rather than focusing on a single item, we covered all the basic need-to-knows about the category, including availability, use, and handling. These echoed the format of our website Product Database, but in a PDF format that was more suitable for forwarding - a convenience often requested by our foodservice distributor clientele.

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Spec Sheets

For customers that required detailed information about a particular item, I created a library of product-specific Spec Sheets. I maintained two basic templates - one for branded items and one for general information about a commodity or variety without reference to a particular pack or label, an essential in an industry where many items are still shipped as commodities rather than consumer packaged goods.

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Flyers & Product Lists

I created and maintained a library of Flyers and Lists for major holidays and promotion occasions of significance to our customers. Most were targeted for our foodservice distributor clients, although most could also be used for a retail audience. The content in these flyers was specifically designed so that the piece was safe to forward directly to sales teams or chefs, creating demand at the user level.

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Trade Press Advertisements

I was responsible for setting and allocating our advertising budget, as well as creating artwork for our placements from start to finish. Our primary goal for advertising in the trade press was brand building within the fresh produce industry, and placements were strategically selected to ensure high-quality coverage in applicable features. Each year, our campaign focused on a different brand-building goal, such as emphasizing our range of services or promoting the in-house imports program, JVI Imports.

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