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E-mail Marketing

At John Vena Inc. Specialty Produce I built and refined an e-mail marketing program from scratch. When I started, the company had a rudimentary email list and price list template created by the IT team. In 2018, I transitioned the company to Hubspot. I have since doubled the size of their e-mail contact list, launched a weekly newsletter targeting off-market foodservice distributors and independent retailers, created an ongoing campaign of promotional e-mails, and established a sales pipeline to effectively engage our business development team in the use of the Hubspot CRM. Despite the audience of low-tech B2B buyers, I was able to maintain a 20-25% open rate and 35-40% click-through rate with excellent qualitative feedback from key engaged contacts.

Responsibilities: Strategy & Market Research, Content Creation, Copywriting & Editing, Design, Contact Management

Promotional E-Mail Examples

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